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               Paint Disposal System

Fill One is committed to environmental protection and out of this concern the company
has developed the “EnvirolitePaint Disposal System” to ensure that waste paint
chemicals and residues from application systems are managed and disposed of in a
safe, responsible and appropriate manner. This is essentially a mobile wastewater
treatment system which effectively treats and contains wastewater from the washing
of used brushes, rollers, containers and any other application system components.

The system has the following advantages:
§ It is the main component of the site environmental management plan (EMP) for
the painting operation
§ It prevents contamination of the:

o Storm water system by preventing spillage onto the ground surface
since stormwater enters the environment untreated
o Groundwater since spillage onto un-surfaced ground causes seepage
of pollutants into the water-table where it is dispersed throughout,
negatively impacting the groundwater quality
o Wastewater discharged to the wastewater (sewage) treatment works.
Since the unit separates water from sludge it reduced the solids waste
discharged into the sewers preventing blockages in the sewers and
reduces the sludge burden at the wastewater treatment works. Since
much of the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) load is contained in the
sludge it would also reduce this burden at the treatment works. The
sludge is separated and de-watered in the unit and can safely be
disposed at a general landfill since there are no residual hazardous
materials present.

The unit is a definite advantage to the treatment of this type of wastewater by lending
structure to what is still largely a haphazard operation which negatively impacts the
environment. It ensures a safe and responsible disposal solution for waste and
wastewater from these operations and complies with the provisions of the National
Environmental Management Act (National Waste Management Act) and the National
Water Act
Basic Operational Procedure
The system consists of a wash basin with spray guns which needs to be attached to a
water point. The paint/water mix from the basin flows into a catchment tank. Once the
tank is full a proprietary combination of chemicals are blended with the mixture in the
catchment tank. This leads to the flocculation and finally settlement of the solids
portion of the paint. Thus you are left with a liquid layer which is tapped off via a filtering
process free of hazardous ingredients (as listed in Schedule 2 of the Municipal Waste
Water By-law) and either reused (in the wash system)or released into the sewer system
compliant with all Municipal regulations. The sludge portion is pumped into filter bags
and allowed to dry. This dried cake can then be disposed of as non-hazardous general
waste.  The system requires no power source as both the pump and mixing are manual

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For use with homes and offices

For for more information on the machine and operational procedures, download the datasheet.
For use with complexes, buildings and office blocks

For for more information on the machine and operational procedures, download the datasheet.